Experience that drives
unequaled success.

Lucern Capital Partners is led by a team of experienced managers with a track record of successfully operating in the finance, merger/acquisition, lending, operations, and regulatory space. The management team has over 55 years of combined experience, bringing a hands-on approach to operating the firm’s investments. Our team is committed to cultivating trust in partnerships and providing a client-centered approach to how we do business. 

David Hansel

Managing Partner

David Hansel has a diverse and successful background spanning over two decades as a real estate investor that includes acquisition, construction, development, management, capital raising and lending. In 2016, David co-founded Lucern Capital Partners with Mark Callazzo and Frank Forte. As a managing member, David heads up all the company’s capital management and capital raising efforts. Additionally, he is an integral part of the company’s overall management and the acquisition and underwriting team.

Frank Forte

Managing Partner

Frank is an experienced real estate investor, banker and asset manager. Currently, Frank serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Lucern Capital Partners. The firm has focused on value-add multifamily transactions primarily in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Charlotte MSAs. Frank oversees and leads all acquisitions, asset management and financing activities for the firm. Frank’s deep network and institutional experience have allowed him to lead the firm into a number of markets in a relatively short period, capitalizing on inefficient and distressed opportunities to provide investors strong risk-adjusted returns.

Mark Callazzo


Mark is the definition of an entrepreneur. Mark founded and led multiple real estate companies over the past three decades that still thrive today and serve as a model for other companies. Mark continued his entrepreneurial path and parlayed his success into Lucern Capital Partners.