Industrial Flex Warehouse

Four Common Themes Shaping the Industrial Real Estate Sector

I recently attended the Colliers’ Gaining the Edge National Industrial Conference in Scottsdale, an event that left me with a sense of optimism. The conference spanned two days of insightful discussions on key industry trends and complex economic issues affecting the industry and its businesses. 

Real Estate Investing

Run to Real Assets

We write to you today on the heels of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank failures. A combination of a significant increase in short-term interest rates, regulatory oversight, and deposit outflows quickly undermined two very large banks, very quickly.

Lucern Capital Partners Annual Outlook 2023

Annual Outlook 2023

In Lucern Capital Partners’ Annual Outlook 2023, Frank Forte shares his views on the general U.S. economy and the real estate market.

Investment Due Diligence

What Ever Happened to Due Diligence?

The end of 2022 has taken professional investing’s reputation on a rough ride. Hardly a week goes by without prominent headlines that highlight the epic implosion of yet another high-flying, over-hyped company. Why do so many highly-experienced investors fall for the hype? How can these smart people get duped by “visionaries”? Let’s learn from these cautionary investment tales and consider the vital role of due diligence.

Special Report: 2021 State of Affairs

In Lucern Capital Partners’ Special Report: 2021 State of Affairs, Frank Forte reports that the predicted asset class winner from this crisis is multifamily. The asset class is expected to have the lowest current and cumulative default rates.