Four Tactics for a Successful Multifamily Real Estate Marketing Plan 

While there is a multitude of tactics to use when creating a strategy for multifamily property marketing, some strategies offer a higher ROI. For example, optimizing the property’s website for search engines, maintaining a strong social media presence and creating a sense of community through events and activities.

Real Estate Metrics

4 Metrics Every Multifamily Real Estate Investor Needs to Know

Investing in real estate takes experience and knowledge as not every deal offers the same opportunity to deliver ongoing cash flow and long-term returns. Knowledgeable real estate investors have robust underwriting processes in place to be able to effectively evaluate a market and deals. Our latest article discusses four metrics we believe every multifamily real estate investor should understand before investing.

Three Ways Multifamily Real Estate Helps Offset Stock Market Volatility

During the past year, the stock market has taken investors on a wild rollercoaster ride. Although no single path exists to circumvent market downturns completely, smart investors have discovered safe havens that reduce exposure to market volatility. This includes multifamily real estate, which generates passive income to help investors ride out the market rollercoaster.